The Most Expensive Phones In The Market Currently

The mobile phone market is as dynamic as it has ever been. Despite the unprecedented economic impacts of the covid-19 pandemic, there are still a good number of phones that have a significant effect on your bank account balance should you decide to purchase them. It is often colloquially said amongst phone enthusiasts that there is a science and art to mobile phones’ design and development. Still, there is a relatively equal measure of intelligent application of science and art required when buying phones.

Such shrewdness is of greater importance when sourcing for the most expensive phones available in today’s ever-changing market. Fonehouse reviews are an excellent starting point for attaining the level of knowledge required to make quality decisions regarding phone acquisition. The reviews and comments which feature unique consumer experience, individual feedback, and complaints can help you decide if they are the best phone dealer for you.

People buy new phones for a variety of reasons. The techies are fanatics of either or both the software and hardware components of cutting-edge phone technology, the innovation hunters, who hunt after any novel mobile phone like a deer pants for water. These people quench their thirst by purchasing new versions of things they love.

Also, the value seekers guys are all about value. The potential utilization value of a new phone is the most important factor they consider when they decide to hunt for a phone; and finally, the status explorers; these guys are simply flashy; they don’t go to the market to look for regular phone models, they either look for the highest end of the popular brands or the rarest and choicest phones on the surface of the universe!

Most people fall into a hybrid of the categories mentioned above, perhaps a predilection for a specific category. No matter the category or hybrid of categories one falls into, knowing the most expensive phones available in the market today is added value to your current phone knowledge base. Hence, you do not necessarily need to be a shopaholic or a status explorer before this article can be of good value to you. The following phones are, by and large, the most expensive phones in the market today.

·       Vertu Signature Cobra – 230k GBP

What do you get when two renowned brands combine to produce a luxurious phone? Luxury! This phone exudes panache. It is manufactured by the joint venture of Bucheron, one of the world’s top luxury jewelry houses, and Vertu, a retailer of luxury handmade mobile phones. As is common with luxury phones, it is enveloped with gold and other gemstones. 

·       BlackDiamond VIPN smartphone 220k GBP

Sony Ericsson is no longer the dominant player in the phone industry. However, their BlackDiamond VIPN smartphone is an epitome of style and exquisiteness. The phone, which has a complex feel, is adorned with two diamonds, one at the back of the phone and the other enmeshed in the navigation buttons.

·       Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot 740K GBP

Gresso is synonymous with luxury eyewear, mobile phones, and related accessories. However, what makes their 2005 Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot hold significant relevance today is the combination of elements used to make the phone. It combines a fascinating combination of about 200 grams of solid gold, over 200 years old expensive African backwoods, and sapphire crystals. This phone is anything but cheap.

·       Goldfish Le Million 740K GBP

This is one of those phones that could do without being on this list. Not because it isn’t expensive but because it is very difficult to find one to buy as Goldvish, the renowned luxury brand, made only three phones as part of a limited edition series. It is composed of diamonds, 18-karat white gold, while Sapphire glass is used to make its display case.

·       The range of luxury customized iPhones 1.8M – 2.5M GBP

iPhone 3G Kings Button, iPhone 4S Elite Gold, iPhone Diamond Rose, Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme are examples of customized luxury iPhones available at ridiculously high prices.

If you are interested in purchasing other high-end or regular electronic devices, it is good practice to check sites to compare prices. However, to make a more informed decision, it is better to check reviews about electronic companies in the UK to analyze other legitimate customers’ experiences.