To Not Regret, Pay Attention to These 7 Things Before You Buy an Air Cooler!

During our activities, it is very important and obligatory to take care of our health, especially the intake of food and drinks we consume when breaking the fast , at night, and at dawn. But the environmental conditions we live in must be the main concern. The reason is, our bodies are very vulnerable when fasting but do not live it in a quality environment, especially in the home. After all, most families will spend time at home during the Fasting Month, right?

Therefore, it is time to consider using Air Cooler in your home. But choosing it was not arbitrary. Don’t regret using this product because you bought it wrong or don’t understand the right usage.

Well, here are seven things you must know about how to choose Air Cooler.

Type of Air Cooler

For the first time going to buy and use Air coolers, it is imperative to recognize the types. So far, quite a lot of models or types that we can adjust based on usage.

Vankool is designed as an air cooler that functions like a Best Air Cooler . Most of all we can find in clinics or hospitals.Because its main function is to suck up all the dust particles even the smallest ones. Keeping the sterility of the room and the air we breathe free of dust or particles that would be harmful to the health of the lungs.

Plasmacluster types are made to produce OH radicals and spread it throughout the room. What are the benefits? The use of this type of Air Cooler will eradicate all types of germs, especially those that are single-celled.

Ozone type Air Cooler is actually also produced to eradicate germs in the room. But the latest news from various sources suggest that not to use this type for use in the home.

The Carbon Filter type uses pre-filter filtering technology. The specialty of this type can eliminate unpleasant odors in the room. So, apart from cleaning the air, it is guaranteed that there will be no unpleasant smells that nest or even just pass.

Some examples of these types are expected to be considered materials for choosing Air Cooler. Just adjust it to the needs of use in the house. Especially when spending time during the fasting month with family in the room with a higher intensity.

Air Cooler Capacity and Space Coverage

Well, this is also very important and should be prioritized if you want to buy and install Air Cooler . Actually, what is the area of the room that you want to put on by this Air Cooler. If the room is too large, it is very difficult to optimize the use of the smaller size Air Cooler. About the capacity of the Air Cooler, you can ask the seller at the same time determine the most appropriate position for the device.

Filter in Air Cooler

The name is also a tool to filter the air, so you have to buy an existing filter feature. Unfortunately there are still many who are not thorough or not very understand and generalize all types of Air Cooler is the same. Try checking whether the Air Cooler already has a filter and whether it can work optimally.

Usage Operational Costs

Cost must be taken into consideration in choosing the Air Cooler. And not only from the cost of purchase and installation, also consider operational issues. What is meant is electrical power that can be sucked up if used regularly.These operational costs must be carefully calculated and compared to the average use of other household equipment.If it turns out to be quite wasteful, can consider a more energy efficient model. Now there are many choices of household devices that can be used for power consumption. Avoiding as early as possible will be more beneficial because within a month the power used by Air Cooler in the house is very excessive.

How and when to use

Next is how to choose the Air Cooler by calculating the method and time of use. For example, it is already impossible to choose a device that suits the use of light energy, the middle ground is the way and time of use. Better to turn on this device when there are many people in the room. The aim is to maximize the functions and benefits of these devices. It might just be a better and wise habit to use electronic devices at home.

Comparing Various Trusted Brands

Actually the choice of brand is very relative. But the business is the quality that will be proven by the product. Faced with a difficult choice between quality priorities and lower prices, it must be wise to make the decision to buy it. There is always a trusted brand that we can count on. And besides, the price is also an average not so far apart. Can be explored in more depth by continuing to compare from price factors, specifications, to the effectiveness of routine use.

Looking for a Guaranteed Seller

In addition to a trusted brand, the seller must be the same. That is, there is a guarantee in the form of a guarantee so that if there are problems at any time can submit a claim. Because the need is long-term use, the goods to be purchased certainly cannot be bought haphazardly. It’s better to do a little research first by finding out which sellers respect the rights of their customers the most. The existence of a guarantee that the guarantee must be clarified so as not to cause misunderstanding after making a purchase transaction and use it. Well, those are the seven things that must be considered as a way to choose Air Cooler.