Meduza: Best Innovative Gaming Mouse

I just investigated Epic Gear’s totally new gamer mouse the Meduza, it highlights Hybrid Dual Sensor Engineering. Basically, the mouse accompanies two sensors, one laser and one optical, which, when assembled, produce an exceptional affectability.

To sensibly capitalize on a double sensor mouse, like the Meduza you should utilize a half and half mouse tangle, for example, HDST’s Hybrid Pad.

It measures somewhere around 130mm in length, 65mm wide, 30mm in height and it weighs about 170 grams. The top of the mouse features a hard matt dark surface area which enhances grip, plus it features glowing Meduza and Epic Gear logos at the palm rest and a bright scroll wheel. Epic Gear tells us the mouse buttons can survive 10 million clicks.

The left part of the mouse is the home to the extra 3 of seven buttons the device has. Here we have a browser back button, an internet browser forward button additionally, the mouse profile selection button. The left side furthermore has an extended thumb rest, which provides you support for all those prolonged gaming settings. read more about Gearbest here.

Of the 7 buttons, 6 are fully programmable, and we also can include macros with five gaming profiles.

The three-way switch positioned below the detectors allows us to change from the Optical, Laser, and HDST modes which the Meduza features and while optically you’ll find 400, 800, 1600 or 3200dpi. The middle setting on the switch gives us HDST mode which has four customizable DPI levels by Gui all the way to 4800dpi, a tracking speed as high as 200ips and an acceleration speed all the way to 30 G. Moving the switch to the end position permits us to use the mouse using the laser sensor only, up to 6000 dots per inch. Lift off height is about at 1mm and the polling rate up to 1000Hz.

Then within the Meduza, you have an ARM 32-bit Cortex-M3 processor and 128KB of onboard memory. This allows Epic Gear to apply innovative algorithm logic engineering to limit any drift or skip.

Elsewhere within the computer software we can modify the USB poll rate, scroll wheel pace and double-click speed.

On a gadgets level, the Mouse is the point of fact pretty much the most loosened up mice we’ve checked on. Clearly implied for right-gave purchasers, it fulfills paw and palm grasps and appears to be steady in hand because of considerable weight and delicate touch sides. It skims effortlessly due to good low erosion feet, a viewpoint that is upgraded by method for Epic Gear’s gaming surface.

Selling for about $80/A 50/€60 the Mouse sits in the actual center of the gaming mouse marketplace even so the two-year warranty definitely adds value. So for all gamers searching for extreme ease and comfort and customization the unit impresses.