It is very sad to see that, on average, entrepreneurs spend only 32% of their time improving and growing their businesses, while they spend the rest on performing daily activities.

This is because of the little amount of staff they have and the limited operating budget. Hence, they find it difficult to afford tools that can help them organize their day-to-day activities.

Bigger corporations are now investing in software to manage their businesses, reduce operational costs and increase profits. Check US-Reviews for other functions of business management software.

Getting business software is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimesyou might need to get a software developer to create software specifically for your business. Other times, you only need to go through reviews about popular electronic stores and the software that they have for your business.  There is a lot of computer software that you can use for your business. Continue reading to see some of them

1.     Wave Accounting:

Founded in 2010 by Kirk Simpson and James Lochrie, it is arguably the best accounting software out there. For free, it helps small businesses track sales taxes, scan receipts, track income and expenses, help identify cash flow trends, send invoices, and lots more. It also has additional paid services, like setting up payroll for contractors and employees.

2.     Wix:

It was founded in 2006 and is currently used in 190 countries by 150 million users. It is the best website builder because it allows users to create websites that look professional without having any knowledge of coding, for an affordable price. With its paid plan, you can run your online store and accept payment in PayPal and Alipay. You can also get revenue reports, manage orders and inventory, get updates on the conversion rate from a very simple dashboard.

3.     Mailchimp:

Created by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius in 2001, Mailchimp makes email marketing services affordable for small businesses. It shows you what’s working and what’s not and shows you open rates and click. From user behavior, it helps send out targeted emails.

4.     Trello:

Created by Fog Creek Company in 2010, it helps solve planning issues of high level. It was named Trello in 2013, with 500,000 users, and by 2014 it had over 4.75 million users. It is the best project management software out there. It is integrated with Dropbox, Slack, Google Drive,as well as many other third-party platforms as well. The free plan has a 10-team-board, while the business class plan has an unlimited team board. The business class plan is limited to 250MB per file attachment, while the free plan is limited to 10MB.

5.     Slack:

As far as team communication software goes, Slack is the best. It was built in 2009 by Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of Flickr. It is now used in 150 different countries by 12 million people. Slack helps you go through a series of emails to find a specific piece of information, removes inefficiencies during video calls, and offers real-time communication.

Technology has changed our world and only companies that embrace it stand a chance to compete globally. Business software makes things easy for entrepreneurs and helps them make better decisions.